Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center is an IRS recognized 501 C 3 non-profit community based charitable organization that was established in 1922. The first hospital was created when a local group of citizens came together in 1919 to start working towards building a hospital close to home that could serve the area’s resident health care needs. Ninety-one years later, Kittson Memorial continues to meet that original mission!

The original 1922 hospital was replaced in 1958 at the current site of Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center. Of course Kittson Memorial’s hospital does not look anything like the original 1958 hospital having been updated and added on to throughout the years. The hospital in 2000, under went an extensive renovation or as we would like to say, a new hospital was built within the existing four walls of the original structure. Today, Kittson Memorial’s hospital is a federally designated 15 bed Critical Access Hospital with a 24/7 emergency room. At the time the hospital was “rebuilt”, a new medical clinic and an enclosed ambulance patient disembarkment garage were constructed as well and attached to the hospital. Kittson Memorial


Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center

Other services have been added during the past twenty years such as an ambulance service, a community fitness center, and a satellite medical clinic in.

Yes, there have been many changes, added services, and improvements over the past ninety-one years, but Kittson Memorial has never lost its original founders’ mission of meeting the area residents’ health care needs. In turn, these area residents continue to utilize and value the primary care services they receive at Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center!

Historically, Kittson Memorial has tried to remain responsive to the changing needs of area residents and this was evident in 1968 when a 40 bed skilled care nursing home was added on to the hospital. Again in 1981 another nursing home unit was added on to the building to reflect the growing demand for nursing home services. In 1997, one of the two nursing home care units was converted for the special care needs of memory impaired residents. In 2007, a major remodeling effort was completed on both nursing home units to improve the resident care experience. Today, Kittson Memorial’s bed capacity is 60 beds which reflects a reduced demand due to the changing demographics of Kittson County as well as the improved lifestyle, and availability of home based services provided by Kittson Memorial’s home health care agency.

Kittson Memorial’s nursing home has on-site physical, occupational, and speech therapy, and it accepts short and long term stay residents. Kittson Memorial’s nursing home is certified by Medicare Medical Assistance, and the Veteran’s Administration. It consistently receives excellent annual survey assessments performed by governmental agencies and has received it's second consecutive Medicare's (maximum) Five Star Overall Rating.

As part of the 2007 remodeling, Kittson Memorial constructed River’s Edge, an eight apartment assisted living unit attached to the nursing home. This relatively free standing assisted living unit was developed because area residents wanted a “care and service bridge” for people who had exhausted the services available to stay in their independent homes but who were not quite in need of nursing home services. In River’s Edge, residents receive three meals a day, weekly light housekeeping and laundry services, organized social/activity events, and have access to 24/7 response to emergent needs.